More Symphonies

This year I have completed one symphony and started another.  The 12th is in 4 movements and uses some unusual instruments from South America and the Far East.  The work developed from a short fragment for alto flute, viola and harp.  From this small acorn a large tree grew!  The 11th is actually the one that is still being written.  Like my 10th Symphony it is one movement but of a completely different character.  Whereas No.10 developed weighty dramatic material in a quite strict way, No.11 throws caution to the wind.  It might be a musical portrait of Dante's 'Inferno'.  At the moment it has the subtitle 'Tragic Overture'.  I have used a larger orchestra than usual for this work, with a particularly big wind section.  Four bassoons may seem extravagant but I want that eerie sound you can get from them that some French composers have found in the past - I'm thinking of Berlioz right now.  I am also thinking of my 13th Symphony - I have the first half of it in my head.  The sonority is dominated by strings and harps.  Interlocking harmonies on three harps are oscillating while violas lament.  Despite all this stuff going around I still have a 'Gryphius Sinfonie' in my head, but that has been there for 20 years and never written down.